When I tried to be a bottle girl

I’m actually really irritated right now. I be trying not to complain but when people so annoying I can’t help it!!

Me and my friend and her cousin had made plans to be bottle girls tonight. Bottle girls make about $300 a night on average and it’s a holiday weekend so it should be even more. I’m getting excited like omg we about to get paid. This girl know a guy who been wanting her to work for a while, so now we tell him we coming. He tell us the dress code, what time to come, where to park all that. We get to the club and turns out we need​ our IDs. Ok maybe he just assumed we would bring them since we’re going in the club, but we all were like dang he coulda told us that, so we had to walk back to the car to get our IDs and come back to the club.

Now we’re inside, it’s 10:00, nobody really there. We’re standing around waiting for them to tell us what to do because we never did it before. The dude who told her to come wasn’t even there we just looking around awkwardly.  I’m trying to dance just cuz there’s good music on and I wanna have fun but they’re kinda looking annoyed like why are we here, this isn’t the right environment to dance. So idk they were bringing my mood down and I felt uncomfortable dancing.

We see these girls who were dressed in the bottle girl uniform leaving with the security and​ come to find out they had to get escorted out because they didn’t have their alcohol server license. I had mine but the other girls didn’t have theirs. We’re kinda like well we’ll just stay and act like we got it if they don’t escort us out too.

Eventually I got tired of waiting and started asking people what we were supposed to do. They had​ us put some T-shirts on the tables in the sections that nobody wanted. They had​ us walk people to their section. And still majority of the time we were just standing around. I go to ask they guy who brought us what we supposed to do and he say oh well since y’all don’t have your license you can’t really do much but escort people. Now I’m like first of all I do have my license so what I need to do and second of all, if they needed theirs why didn’t you tell us that before we came??? And then why you let us stay for so many hours if we can’t do nothing?? I keep asking how much we getting paid and they keep promising we’re not gonna get hoed but nobody saying a price ….

I’m getting irritated cuz I don’t wanna leave after we been there for 3 hours and get no money but I’m not trying to stay all the way until 2 and probably later if they only giving us $10 or $20. So again I’m asking ok how much we getting paid, is it worth it for us to stay? I’m asking what we supposed to be doing and he saying I said I had my license so I’m supposed to be getting tips or serving people like I know what to do….

Now we all irritated and I’m lowkey like dang these girls too passive like they standing around and I’m wanting to make stuff happen. I also don’t want to step out my place but idk what to do and what not to do. I’ve never done it before!!

I’m watching all the people in charge walk around and talk to each other looking confused like they don’t know what’s going on. I’m like bro you do this every night, what’s new? Why y’all don’t have this figured out? Maybe it’s different girls coming in but you should know exactly what to tell us and get straight to the point. I shouldn’t have somebody ask me to buy some bottles and it turns into a conversation between 4 different people like wtf??? What y’all got to talk about? You already know the prices sooo just ring him up. Should really be that simple but it seemed like evvvvvrything was complicated for them. They’re saying they heard 3 different things about the bottle girls, I seen too many side conversations, it was just really unprofessional how disorganized they were.

And I can’t believe the bitch couldn’t tell us ahead of time to get our licenses or don’t come. We easily could have went somewhere else and just danced the night away. That’s what those girls are good for. You can’t make money with them because they’re too passive… Like they look at people like N***and act like she some type of superwoman or think she got tricks up her sleeve when in reality all she does is work her feminity. She asserts herself a bit and they think she has special powers. Like broo you could too! All it takes is confidence. You have a vagina, you’re pretty, best believe you can make people cater to you the way people cater to her.

I’m irritated about the whole night. I gave a couple people drinks, took some bottles to a table and we all walked out with $20 each. Twenty mother fucking dollars bro. We were there from 10 until 1 and we got $20. I’m happy we got something after waiting there so long but I’m not happy we went there to get $20…. Tbh I think we could have finessed wayy more if they would stand up for themselves and make something happen with me. I don’t want to leave my friends in a corner while I’m working. And on top of that, they’d have to wait until the club closes for me to get all my money anyway when they been ready to go. I just felt uncomfortable with them like they weren’t on my level. The owners of the club were disorganized and didn’t give us instructions of what we were expected to do, they didn’t really have a good setup, the dumbass bottle girl promoter bringing us up to the club unprepared like. It was a bad night. I’m highly disappointed.

I feel like I missed out on some money cuz one of the experienced bottle girls said she’d give me some money out her tip out. Idk how much she was thinking but now I’ll never know.

I ain’t get no nigga.i ain’t get no money. I ain’t dance for nothing. Now I’m just tired for no reason ….. I coulda been sleep!!!


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