Me and my words

Why is it so hard for me to tell people simple things about my life? It’s like I desperately want them not to know what I’m doing. I have a freaking doctors appointment to get my eyes checked and for some reason I gotta sit up and contemplate when and how I’m going to let my dad know that I need the car at 4:30….

Maybe this time it’s because this affects him and I don’t like depending on people. I would rather not have to tell him ahead of time and just be able to let him know that hey I’m going to the doctor instead of feeling obligated to let him know as soon as possible that I have an appointment so he doesn’t make plans to use the car at 4:30.

Isn’t that sad? We live in this “really nice neighborhood” with all these big houses and have 2 working cars for 4 people. One is my brothers so legit 3 people have to share one car. But people looove to tell me my parents are rich. Bitch I wish they were. I wish people would just trust the words coming out of my mouth.

I guess there’s so many people though who lie and say things that they don’t take seriously that it’s hard to trust a person’s word nowadays. That’s really really sad. Well hopefully I’ll find all my people soon who realize that what I say is for real and take my words for bond.


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