Need to Recharge

Every so often I get into these moods where I feel a sense of dissatisfaction. I never really know why I feel that way or what it is that I need. All I know is that I feel like I’m waiting on someone to call me or that I want to hang out with a certain person.

Usually the person I want to call or be around is a man, so I assume it’s just me desiring male company. But today I realized that it’s merely my spirit telling me that I need to recharge.

The only people in my life right now that aren’t water signs, earth signs, or Libras are men, so it makes sense that if I need to be recharged, I’ll think I need to be with a man. The bus driver’s an Aquarius, my ex is a Gemini, and my brother is a Sagittarius. All the women I hang around are Libras which isn’t incompatible energy but it’s neutral so it doesn’t recharge like I need. Subconsciously I know the feeling I need (feeling of my soul being recharged) and consciously the times I can think of where I had that feeling I’ve been with a man. So now every time I get that feeling I think I need to find a man to overcome it.

But today I decided to go outside to eat breakfast/lunch. And I immediately got happy. I realized that when I think I need a man, really all I need is to be recharged. The ways for a Libra to recharge are to be around Aquarians and Geminis (not libras), to be around people I have a close relationship with or to be outside in the air. I’ve been associating being around airy people with being around men because the airy people I’m around who are non libras are all men. But now I know that I probably just need​ to find other non libra air signs to be friends with or if I don’t want anything dependent on anyone at all I can just go outside.

Really I have options now. This whole time I’ve been thinking there was one thing and one thing only that would get me over my moods where I crave a man’s presence but now I know I have 3 options to recharge my spirit. And one of them I can do all by myself.


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