I don’t get gay people

Why are gay people so sexually free? Just because you’re a man who likes dick that means you gotta want a lot of dicks inside you?

Has anyone else noticed this?

I have nothing against gay people, they’re probably the sweetest people on earth. They tend to understand everyone else who’s oppressed and will make you feel good about the things other people pick on you for. Like sleeping with a lot of men. But I noticed they seem to take it a bit further and they don’t just stop at justifying your promiscuity, it’s as if they’re are trying to convince you that the right way to live is to be promiscuous.

Now of course I’m generalizing and there’s plenty that don’t but from what I’ve seen, the majority in the LGBT community praise promiscuity and sexual openness. Like ok yes some people will naturally be more comfortable talking about their sexuality than others but gay people seem all the way open. I get the feeling of being shamed almost if I want to keep my sexuality private. Like they’ll try to be encouraging like girl everybody suck dick, it ain’t nothing, you can talk about it…. But what if I don’t want to talk about it? I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what I’m doing I just don’t want the whole world to fucking know. The general vibe I get is that even the ones who won’t push the issue will still think I’m being weird or succumbing to society’s pressure to be chaste rather than them feeling the same way. Why can’t someone just be gay and be ok and comfortable with being gay without having to go into detail about how they take it in the ass or eat a lot of pussy or whatever it is for them. Where are the gay people who are picky about who they sleep with? The ones who are waiting until marriage?

Does that even exist? The fact that I even have to stop and think if it exists shows you how much of a minority they are. Of course I’m not bashing the ones who want to be open and freaky, by all means do you, but why is the whole community so damn freaky? You break one societal norm so now you gotta break all of them? I really don’t get it and I really don’t like it either. Please just be gay and that’s it. You don’t have to do all the extra of trying to talk different and use different lingo which in actuality reflects the stereotypical black woman. That’s another fucking story.

Why people can’t just be gay and act the same as everyone else? So you’re a feminine dude and now you gotta wear fucking rainbow eyeliner?? What woman actually does that? You gotta do all the “yasss hunty” and the “slay bitch”.  You say you’re still a man in all its masculinity so then why go to such extremes??? Why not just be a man and​ take your dick and dress the same, walk the same, talk the same? Gay people wear things no one else fucking wears!!!! Are you a different species? A different gender?

Clearly I’m highly confused. I guess I’m just too straight to understand. Oh well.


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