Done with him fr

As I was talking to my friend about why the bus driver never came to take me on that date he said he ‘might’ take me on…. I realized that all I was doing was making a lot of excuses for him.

A man who wants you will do whatever it takes, that’s why I’m really over him. He’s not ready for me if he’s going to sit and make excuses for 2 years. His sign has nothing to do with the fact that he’s 27 years old and should be mature enough to know you can’t have a woman wait for 2 years before you make a move. Idc how scarred you are, or what I did to make you think I wasn’t ready, if you’re going to make me do a scavenger hunt to figure out why you’re so distant instead of coming to me like an adult and talking about your concerns then I don’t want you.

It’s that simple. Communication is the number one important thing in a relationship. All other issues can be fixed with proper and effective communication. This nigga barely texts me back so how we supposed to communicate when we have issues? This man sees something he don’t like in me and runs away instead of bringing it to my attention? What am I going to do with a man who runs away into his she’ll every time something comes up that makes him a wee bit uncomfortable? Cheat on him that’s what!

I’m not trying to be no cheater so I gotta leave his ass alone. At least until he learns how to communicate and actually pursue me like the fucking queen I am.


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