True Heroes

Why don’t we have a firefighter’s day? We honor the military about 3 times out the year and what do they do? Kill people.

Yeah they say they’re fighting for our freedom​and whatever the fuck like anybody is actually threatening our freedom 🙄🙄. But regardless while they’re out killing people to “protect our country”, firefighters are out risking their lives to save ours. They’re known as the first responders. Isn’t that a spectacular achievement? For every emergency call they get to the scene first? That means they’re trained to deal with every kind of emergency there is. Domestic abuse, rape, heart attack, cat stuck in a tree. Anything.

I’m sitting at a bus stop downtown and for the first time I’m on the street as emergency vehicles are passing. It was interesting watching them slow down before the red light to make sure everyone else noticed them and is stopping. The sirens are much louder than when you’re in a car or inside or a bit down the street. Much much louder. It was kind of soothing in a weird way.

I watched the firetruck go through the intersection noticing they were being careful to get to their destination safely not as fast as possible. As they passed​ me by, I was thinking I hope y’all get to where you need to be so you can go save lives. This proud feeling immediately washed over me and I realized those people in that vehicle are heroes.

They are the true definition of heroes. While I’m cuddling up with a nigga I don’t even like or am attracted to they’re out here riding against the traffic signals into dangerous situations to save people’s lives. Why do they not have a national holiday???


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