Words from my uterus

I feel like my uterus holds grudges like me. You know for a while it was real patient. It was like hey, I want a baby. Can you get that for me, please? Alright thanks, I’ll get ready.

Every month it got ready and every month it was met with no baby. But you know it was chill at first. I didn’t get cramps or acne or anything. It was real patient with me.

But you know, like me, I have a breaking point. You can do something that I don’t like for so many times until I actually get mad. And each time you do the same thing I get even more mad because they build on each other. I guess after a few years it decided to do something to irritate me back. Like ok, fine, don’t wanna give me a baby then I’ma give you some pimples.

Well months go by and still no baby. Then my uterus is like alright then, the pimples weren’t enough? Here’s some cramps. They weren’t too bad at first. Just a little uncomfortable like oh wow, this is what women deal with all the time? I can imagine, it must be awful.

Now I’m in college and I’m almost getting used to cramps, it’s still weird but I kind of expect it. Then oh my god I guess it’s been too fucking long and now my uterus is impatient. When I tell you these type of cramps be having me wonder why every woman isn’t at home during her period. How do people function when you’re experiencing this kind of pain??

I swear that thing is cussing me out. Like bitch, didn’t I fucking tell you I want a mother fucking baby? WHERE IS MY BABY?!

You didn’t listen for the first 9 years I been telling you what I want so I’m going to make your life miserable until you do. You think throwing up is for hangovers and food poisoning? Well guess what hoe, you gon throw up on your period now 😎. Think you’re going to work? Bitch you better sit your ass back down. Idk why you think I’m about to let you have energy to stand and walk, tf? Why would I reward you for not giving me my fucking baby!!!???!? You’re gonna be so dizzy, can’t even take pain medicine without feeling like you’re going to faint. Just lay down in your bed and don’t move. Everybody’s gonna ask you what’s wrong but guess what? It’s just me 😅 how embarrassing is that? People be like are you ok? Oh yeah it’s just my period 😂 you gonna feel like a weak bitch all because you don’t want to give me a fucking baby.

It’s really not that difficult. I come so frequently so I know you got plenty of opportunities. Some people’s uterus skips months and some wait 27 whole days, but me? I’m so nice to you I only wait 23 😊. You get a chance every three weeks bitch?!! What’s so hard about that?? And I know I be making you horny too so what’s the deal? Can’t say you don’t feel like it….. 

Next time I see you I better have a fucking baby.

Update: I don’t think my uterus is mad that it doesn’t have a baby. I think my body is yelling at me for how I’ve been treating it. I haven’t been eating right, drinking enough water, or excercising 😔


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