I learn a lot about myself looking at other libras. When I see Cardi B talk about how she wanted to be a rapper but she never really pursued it because she looked at the statistics and didn’t think it was realistic, but now she’s doing what wasn’t realistic. It just goes to show you how we underestimate ourselves. It may sound cocky but we’re not average people. We’re liked more than average, we’re smarter than average, we’re prettier than average. If you think any of that doesn’t affect your success then you buggin lol. We are literally set up to be better than average.

We be acting like we cocky sometimes but it’s usually just to cover up insecurities or else we don’t believe it as much as we’re saying it. No matter what we say, at the end of the day we think we’re regular ass people. In Cardi’s words “I’m just a regular degular shmegular girl from the Bronx.”

You look at her and you know she not a regular person. She is beautiful, funny, charismatic, smart af, different, real, outspoken, politically aware, etc. This girl was stripping and coming up with business plans. Who does that bro? She had 50k saved up before she got big and started making bread. No one knows that cuz they think she was just a stripper. She has never been just a stripper. Stripping was always temporary for her. It got her out of a bad situation, got her bills paid and got her to where she is now. It wasn’t no accident either. It’s who she is. It’s who we we are.

We underestimate ourselves. She’s thinking she just a regular girl so how could she make it rapping when millions of people every day fail at it? Her flaw is neglecting to see herself as different than the average person. Whenever you see a statistic we gotta learn that doesn’t apply to us. People say calculus is hard, well for us it’s gonna be easier. People think relationships are hard work, guess what, relationships come easy to us. Everything just come easier to us. Why? Idk but that’s just how it is.

I realize that now but a lot of us still out there thinking we’re like the next person. No, we’re different. We don’t fit in with other people. People don’t understand us. I feel like everyone says that and maybe it’s true. I know I damn sure don’t understand Taurus. Like I do in that I know their thought process behind things but I don’t get it. I feel like it’s flawed. And maybe some stuff we struggle at they’re just like oh that’s easy what you mean?

I just think when it comes to success and business ventures and relationships, we don’t understand how skilled we are. I guess the things that you need intelligence, tactics, and/or charm for we got it in the bag. We think because someone else failed, that we will too not understanding that that person that failed doesn’t know what we know. Doesn’t think how we think.

I know I sound cocky but this is what I’ve seen from my personal experience. I can tell you all day long I think I’m fine af and got good pussy and yadda yadda yadda, but the second dudes ignore all the women I think are pretty around me just because they think I’m so much more beautiful I’m shocked. It’s like I think I’m pretty but just kinda average pretty. I think I got a good pussy but I don’t think it’s anything better than what another woman has. I mean now I’m starting to realize people really don’t view me as average. But it’s still weird. It’s like I understand that’s how they view me but I still don’t believe it. I think I’m just a regular girl. But time and time again, I’m proven wrong


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