Well my emotions are all over the place. I want to go out but usually it’s just a feeling but now I’m literally so restless I keep moving around. I’m actually pretty sure my dad has noticed how restless I am 🙄😔.

I really actually want to text my ex and tell tell him how much I love him and how no one else compares to him and then I want to ask if he fr has a girlfriend cuz if he does I don’t wanna say all that. I don’t wanna ruin his relationship and be like James did to Ariel. Ughh that was awful.

But it really doesn’t make sense because he broke up with me so why would he not come back to me if he wanted me. But then I guess I’m the one that acts cold and closed up towards him and the one that cut him off pretty much. He has come back to me 😔 he’s said he wanted to see me and each time I fuck it up 😥😔😔😩.

I go from sad to happy and back to sad in a matter of seconds. I looked at my crooked nail and remembered I can’t find my nail file and I legit wanted to cry.

I’m cute the fuck. Why haven’t nobody snatched me up yet? Like I know I’m picky but dang. I’m not that picky.

I’m starting to wonder if I’m not supposed to have a car 😦 I feel like I can’t afford one at the moment 😞. First you gotta buy it then you gotta get insurance then you gotta pay for gas and then if you’re not paying a lot for the car you’ll have to pay a lot in maintenance and I don’t have that 😖

You know why I complain so much? Cuz I want a man. I want to be babied but no one wants to baby me so I complain to get sympathy or something idk. It’s some tactic my subconscious came up with


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