Why are periods like this

So yesterday I was depressed and thinking about all the ways I could die like a bus tipping over, me crashing a car, me killing myself even. I wasn’t suicidal just thinking about all kinds of negativity. I would literally start balling for the smallest thing.

But today… I’m ecstatically happy. My dad’s talking to me and I’m answering his questions and every little thing is like amaaaaazzinnggg. But what the fuck like now the smallest thing makes me so happy I wanna cry and the amount of happy emotions like I can physically feel how happy I am. I’m so happy it’s like I’m high. I know it’s because of my period but bro why is all this necessary. Like I’m loving this happy part. Most definitely. But that depression shit? I’ll pass.

And even still why is this the case. Are all these hormone changes and sensitivity really necessary to make a baby? I guess making babies is a complex thing. I don’t understand it all but hey I’m happy now so I’m rocking with it.


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