I want to share my world

I realized what I look for in a friend. I keep saying I want this and that but overall what I desire is someone to share my life with. And I always have to clarify because people assume that means I’m talking about a man. But no, platonic relationships can be intense too.

I really would like to have both a man and a female friend that I can share my life with.

I don’t get how people just don’t have time…. Unless you’re going to school & working 3 jobs or something else that insane I don’t get it. There are 24 hours in every single day and there are 7 days in a week. That’s 168 hours and you can’t even find 2 to spend with me? It blows my mind where people put their priorities. And this other girl lives with her boyfriend so I don’t get why I can only see you once a week if that… And we never just hang out. I get tired of that. I don’t want to go out all the time. Sometimes I wanna chill and just talk. You like that too but how come we never do?

Matter of fact, what I’m looking for is people to chill with. People act like it’s always gotta be a big production every time we get together. We can’t just plan to stay in. You know, have a sleepover or something! But noo girls are gonna be like ok so what are we getting into tonight and dudes be trying to do other things 🙄🙄.

I feel like such an old soul…. I don’t like social media, I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t feel connected through texting or tweeting somebody. I feel like my need to spend time with friends in person is so antiquated. Why am I like this? Who else thinks like me and how do I find them?


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