Free lunch

Well I’m on the train and this man is slowly gravitating towards me. He’s on the phone boosting about what he does and all his contracting whatever. Finally he speaks to me asking about my classes and then he says something about the last time we talked…. I said huh? We talked before?

I mean I’ve done it before so it’s possible I did it again. I talk to so many people and for whatever reason I don’t remember what they look like. I’m looking at this man not ever remembering seeing him before. But he said we talked before so I believed him.

So he’s talking and flirting and I’m really still in a bad/depressed mood and not really caring what he has to say then he goes and asks if I want to get lunch and I’m like ooh lunch 😃. I give him my number and go to class.

He texts me and says he’s at the restaurant. I get off the train and see a man I think is him, he clothes and he’s talking to some other girl like barely acknowledging that I’m there. It wouldn’t have been a problem if I was sure I was waiting on the right guy but the way I am with faces I was hoping it wasn’t some random guy on the streets who was gonna get excited thinking I wanted him and I’d have to awkwardly reject him then go find my man.

Thankfully it was the right guy. I ended up going up to his apartment which was literally in the same building as the restaurants he told me to come to. It was pretty nice because I walk past the building all the time but never been inside.

I had my jacket tied around my waist from my accident earlier 🙄 and he kept asking me to take it off….. Like he was so forceful about it I was beginning to think he wouldn’t be able to control himself if it was off. Like that was why I had to staim my pants to put the jacket on so he would see me “wrapped up like a polar bear”. Literally his words. He kept saying I must be hot (like I’m ever hot 😂) and I had it on the whole time and he was looking at me like he wanted to fuck right then and there.

Like ok I get it, I’m pretty or whatever. But oh my god I really cannot be that pretty that simply standing makes a nigga horny. And then omg I was eating nachos and I swear he was getting turned on by how I was eating. Like idk if he was picturing his dick going in my mouth like the nacho chip was?? But I started to get real uncomfortable. He wouldn’t even bring me the food. He made me get out the chair in the corner to go sit or stand next to him to eat.

When I first got there I felt like it was the safe place I’d been looking for. I even told him I didn’t want to go home. He said I could stay the night and I actually contemplated. But as soon as I started eating and he started looking at me like he wanted to devour me all that comfortableness went away. I wanted to leave as soon as possible but it was only 4 and I didn’t need to be on the bus until 5 when I’m right next to the bus stop….

He’s making all these advances or whatever and his intentions are crystal clear to me so I decide to ask him about the pads I seen in his bathroom. I was so shocked bro. I wanted to braid my hair cuz I felt like I looked ugly so I was looking for a comb and found some freaking pads in a nigga house. I can’t even find tissue in every man house and he had some freaking pads.

Now I’m like what the heckkkkk does this dude have a girlfriend?? I’m still very very emotional so I’m laughing out loud and run out the bathroom 😂😂. I ask him when the last time a girl was over and he goes hmm what’s today oh yeah Priscilla was here Friday. I’m like who the fuck is Priscilla. Why you telling me her name like I’m know who that is??? Idk if it was just me but he seemed nervous like he was making up stuff.

Then I asked did she leave those pads in the bathroom and he’s like all chill oh she did? Lol then he goes did she leave anything else? Bitch how I’ma know what’s hers and I never met the girl before??? I just know unless you’re a bitch you have no need for that shit. Omg what if he is a girl?????!!!!???

I never thought of that until just now. But nahh his features too strong… I think but mann idk how that works. They take hormones and stuff. But if he took hormones he wouldn’t have a period. And if he needed pads there’d be way more than just 2. So yeah a girl comes over often but doesn’t live there. Idk if that’s a sister, mom, but it’s something he’s hiding.

Then the nigga kicked me out!!! Of course he did it nice and lowkey. He tried to throw my words in my face like oh you said you can’t stay here all night cuz you not wearing the same clothes to class so you’re leaving right? Lol. And then he says he can’t just sit in the house unless he laying down aka fucking. And I’m like ok hmm that might be the reason. He realized I wasn’t fucking him so he wanted me gone. Talking about he got stuff to do. 🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄

At one point he looked at his phone and whoever texted him cause him to start cussing. He was like fuck fuck fuck or shit I don’t remember. Something that displayed to me he forgot something or something wasn’t working out like he wanted or he got caught up. In my mind it was his girlfriend tryna hang out and I’m there so he didn’t know what to do. I really wanted to wait until she came so I could know for sure she existed. Idk it seemed exciting at the time but that could easily have been a fight. I knew I was gonna say boo I don’t want your man but girls be tripping sometimes.

But nahh wasn’t no waiting for her because he kicked me out. He said I could go home to get my stuff and come back later? Probably give him time to see his girlfriend. Idk that was too much plus I was done with him anyway. I didn’t feel comfortable at his place and I wanted to go home 😂.

But me being me and gotta dive into awkward situations I ask him is his girlfriend coming over. He paused for a second and said no he don’t have a gf. He said he used to but then (another pause) something happened? I know he was lying but idk about what part. Like was it another girl you were fucking? Was it a wife? A boyfriend? He said if he had a girlfriend I wouldn’t be there and he sounded pretty convincing I’d say but he was moving around and picking up random things bro. Like he was really really nervous. I know I was making him nervous.

And then the nigga was trying to make me bend over for him. I was trying to unplug my phone on the floor and I couldn’t reach it sitting down and how he was looking at me I just knew he was waiting for me to get on my knees and pull it out 🙄🙄 I don’t get why he was so horny bro like I looked so ugly. I’ve never looked uglier in my life 😂😂. I guess that’s how my friends be feeling when they think they look ugly and I’m like ugly where???? But I felt ugly AF!

Like my hair wasn’t done, I was wearing pants and I don’t even like pants, I was wearing this shirt that’s cute if you dress it up but it was dressed down so I felt ugly. And I’m on my period and woke up late so I didn’t wash up in the morning and I just felt dirty and ugly.

But he still was practically drooling over me 🙄🙄 but then either because of his girl or he realized that I wasn’t fucking he kicked me out. He said let’s him know when I got home and I really didn’t think he wanted to talk to me ever again. At first it threw me off but then I realized I wouldn’t have to be nice to him for a couple weeks to pretend like I wanted anything more than some free food 😂

As soon as I got home I went to sleep but I text him when I woke up. We’ll see if he replies 😂


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