My car journey

Soo I’m trying to buy a car. I found one I liked, nobody could take me to go look at it so it got sold. I found another one I liked and then went to go see it and it was at a junk yard calling themselves a dealership 😂 so I found a third car, test drove it and everything. Saw some obvious issues but I felt like they were all easily fixable. I really had a good feeling about that car and wanted to buy it immediately. My brother told me to wait. He didn’t say not to get it or I’d probably not have listened but he said to wait and find a mechanic friend. I’m like uhhhthe only mechanic I know is a nigga I used to fuck with in high school.

We didn’t fall off bad or anything.. I really can’t even say how or why or when we stopped talking. So I decided to just go for it and message him. Worst case scenario I’m back where I started with no mechanic. So I message him like hey you can say no but can you look at this car for me but you really don’t have to. Lol.

He replies back so fast like sure I’m free any day just let me know when. 😂 First of all niggas are retarded. Like you haven’t spoke in years and you will literally drop everything for me 😅 I’m flattered I really am just still shocked.

(Sidenote: I discovered I’m like a celebrity. Every where I go I get special treatment just for being pretty. But also like a celebrity it’s annoying cuz I can’t ever just be somewhere and be a regular person. I gotta have everyone staring at me and going completely out their way for simple shit like walking down the sidewalk 🙄 it’s nice sometimes but also very annoying)

So I text this man and we end up having a conversation and turns out he has the same freaking car I’m buying just a newer version. How perfect is that? I already felt like this is the car I want and now I find out that a nigga who is hella attached to me and is willing to drive anywhere and do anything for me works as a mechanic and owns the exact same car I do. First of all he already knows a lot about cars and the fact that he has the same one means he knows the most about mine. Literally anything I need I’ll just ask him. Why would I buy another one?

I mean of course if he tells me that one’s trash and will cost me a lot of money and stress then no. But I don’t think it will.

So yeah. I left my class and it started raining. Now I’m in a bad mood cuz I gotta walk to the bus stop in the rain. I’m like wow is this a sign I don’t need to get the car? But you know I call this man to come get me. I haven’t seen him in years and it’s really awkward. I’m like in a bad mood and really closed up. I’m thinking it’s cuz I just don’t like him. Or maybe I was hungry. So I eat to hopefully get in a good mood so that’s not affecting my decision.

I get to the place and he’s looking at it for about 2 seconds saying yeah this isn’t that big of a deal, I can fix it. He’s being very vague and I thought I brought a freaking professional. I ask can he drive it and the kids mom starts tripping out and the kid is like yeah he can drive just not too far away. I’m like umm well we gotta go on the freeway cuz one of the problems doesn’t start until you hit 80mph. So now I’m kinda defensive. Then the mom talks to my mechanic friend and wants to hold his keys while we go. I’m like uhh no my bags in there, she’s not holding your keys. Does she think we’re gonna steal the car with the kid in it???

Then she wants to “see” my ID but she really meant hold the bitch. I’m kinda like uhh what if she don’t give it back. But you know I let her have it but now I’m really really guarded and irritated and I’m just like I do even want the car anymore? I remembered how I would get guarded and get an attitude around guys I really didn’t like so I left without buying the car.

Then as soon as I leave I feel so much better. All the awkwardness and closed up feeling I had earlier is completely gone. I’m back to myself. Happy and free 😃

So no I’m definitely not getting that car.


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