My four men

So it’s 4 guys right now that I think about marrying. Idk how to explain it because I really go through ‘what ifs’ about marriage for every guy I meet. With these it’s a little bit different tho because I’m actually interested in them but it’s still kind of hypothetical scenarios that don’t reflect reality. I feel weird being interested in 4 men at the same time. Like I’m the cold hearted, mean picky one who does like anybody how is it 4 guys I’m thinking about marrying???

But there are. They all have different things I’m interested in and of course they all have their own issues.

One of them’s my ex so he’s really just on the list because I know what to expect. I know what the benefits are and I know how to deal with the negatives. I think he’d be a good father and if he decided to commit to me he’d love and take care of me very very well. I say he’s just on the list but I actually would enjoy that relationship very much, I’m just afraid it’s never going to happen πŸ˜”

Another one is this guy who’s an aries. With him it’s a combination of me seeing a Libra-Aries relatonship that I admire. I want my relationship to be like that so in my mind if I marry an Aries I have a pretty good chance. The other part of my interest is specific things I’ve seen in him. For one he’s patient and nonjudgmental. Two very important things I need in a man. I’m inscure about some things. So to have a nonjudgmental man who will just let me be me and have nothing negative to say and no questions other than to understand what I’m doing would be great. Along with understanding, I’ve noticed that fire signs like to figure things and people out. I love that. I love talking about myself and having someone so interested in my life and why I do what I do and what I like and don’t like, etc.

I also love how simple it is to talk to him. I don’t have to worry about picking my words so he doesn’t get offended, I don’t have to worry about if he’s mad at me and not saying anything, none of that. I can speak my mind and trust that he will speak his and it’s simple, smooth communication.

And omg I forgot the sex. The energetic pull between an Aries and a Libra is so strong. I kissed this aries for the first time back in the day amd I swear there were fireworks. We didn’t even make out but there they were. I didn’t know about astrology or polar energy back then I just knew there were fireworks when I kissed him. Then this other Aries I know, well really 2, and the sexual energy between us is so strong. It’s annoying now cuz I’m trying to find friends but for my husband I’d love it 😊

Ok so mister man number 3. This is the bus driver. I talk about him all the time because he’s the one I interact with the most. We’ve been “talking” for 2 years but never been on a date. But I like him because of the potential. Like if he ever decided to let himself be vulnerable and open up his emotions and get serious with me we’d have a great relationship. He’s smart, wants to do something that I can easily support, we have great conversations, he understands that I need my space but affection at the same time. Idk I just think we’d be really good together. We’ll have a relationship based on a solid friendship that can work out any issues that come our way.

The last man is a new one for me. It’s kind of complicated because the interest began as a physical interest but now I’m thinking about commitment. This is the one I just wrote about saying idk if I want to date him because I’m horny/want a man’s presence or if I actually want to be with him. I definitely feel safe with him and I feel respected. I feel like I can come to him with an issue and he’s not going to act like I’m crazy or anything obnoxious like that. He’ll actually take me seriously and fix the issue. He’s done it twice before, that’s how I know it’s possible. I feel attached to him physically but I know being a Libra he’ll prioritize my happiness and the relationship. He already has a master’s degree so I know he’s going somewhere in life. Anyone that can go to school for that many years isn’t going to be a bum. I see him being a good father and husband so idk, I guess it’s only up to how emotionally attached we get. The physical is there and so is the ability to have a successful relationship on paper. The only thing left is how we feel about each other.

So there’s my 4 men. Out of all of them I think my favorite is the Aries. He’s like my fantasy man but he’s not interested in any kind of relationship right now and who knows when that’ll change or if he’ll even want me when he does start lookingπŸ™„πŸ˜” My ex is like the one I’m most comfortable with. I know him and I know what to expect. He’s the option I go back to (mentally) when my other options don’t work out. The bus driver is the one that I think is the most probable to happen. As far as dating, the Libra is the one that would happen first. But when we talk about marriage I think B**** is the most realistic.

If everything was up to me I’d choose the aries first, then B****, then the Libra, then my ex. He’s really actually annoying and I don’t like his lifestyle but I love him and he took care of me so I can’t ever cross him off the list. He’s just chillin at the bottom for now but best believe if he wanted to date me I’d get excited πŸ˜‚ 

If any one of them wanted to date me I’d get excited.. that’s the point of this list πŸ˜‚ but rn the only one who’s ready is the libra. I see positive things but I’m scared of having a libra-libra relationship. At best we’ll both take care of each other, give give give, and have a very balanced, harmonious relatonship. But at worst we’ll secretly start to hate each other. We could have really ugly arguments because we both want to prove that we’re right, we could go nowhere because no one wants to take the initiative to put their emotions on the line, we could drag the relationship out past the expiration because neither of us wants to cofront the issues in the relationship or end it.

So idk we’ll see what happens. I’m just going to live in the now and hopefully he doesn’t get in the way of me and B***y πŸ˜‚


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