Libra mirror

I hung out with a Libra man and these are the things I noticed about myself/us from observing him:

It’s annoying to be chill all the time. Like what the heck, does anything excite you or piss you off? I understand now why D****y said he wanted to make me mad because he wanted to see me show emotions about something! Oh God, who is actually attracted to someone who’s chill all the fucking time?? Maybe we do need to mix the elements, throw some fire passion in there. Something has to get exciting.

Of course the inability to make decisions and have an opinion. Like I ask which you prefer and it never matters…. What does matter then? Huh? When will you actually stand up and say oh no not that one because…? When will you have a preference for something instead of just letting things happen because you don’t care? You can’t make a decision because you don’t care…. You don’t care about anything bro, that’s so frustrating. I’m trying to get to know you and you’re just chillin. Not being rude but not being particularly warm and inviting either. You answer the questions very short like the bare minimum.

You’re trying so hard not to get hurt that you don’t let anyone love you.

It’s not anything that bothers me but we get very upset when people don’t do their jobs right. When I pay for a room I expect to get what I paid for. If the air conditioning is broken and the TV doesn’t have signal then now I’m pissed. But see we’re understanding so we try to look at things from their point of view like hmm ok what’s a good reason for them not to have my room in order? Oh I guess if they have 1,000 rooms then it’s understandable that a couple things are off in one of them. But they have about 20, so it makes no sense and I’m pissed. You’re not doing your job right.

(I’m confused because I went to his house before but now he gets hotels. I guess last time it was just his mom and now he got cousins and kids and stuff. That explains the car seat. Now I just wanna know do he have other hoes or am I his only option.)

If you’re not a libra let me tell you, we really do care, a lot actually we just can’t show it. Why? Idk, just know that we care.


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