My sexual pleasure

What I need from sex is not just sex. I need a full warm up. I need the anticipation beforehand. I need to get sneak peaks and trailers before I get the real thing. I need to be mentally excited for what’s going to happen before you even start touching me.

And then when we start, I need you to take it slow. Don’t rush to get me naked, don’t rush to touch my vagina. Kiss me first, bite my neck, rub my thigh. All the stuff the dudes do who aren’t confident I’ll let them touch me. That’s what you need to do.

Talk to me!!! I want to hear your voice. I want to feel you holding me down. And sometimes I just want you to sit back and let me please you. I need to hear and feel the reaction of course but you don’t have to do anything to me.

Maybe I don’t like mutual pleasure. My 2 favorite times were when one guy was only pleasing me and talking to me, all the focus was on me I didn’t have to think about kissing him or stroking his dick. The second time I was sucking dick and I had the time of my life. I text him and told him that’s what I wanted to do and he came over and that’s what I did 😅 He also complimented me a lot too. He was asking why I was nervous because I was really good 😅 and he just looked like he was enjoying himself which made me feel good about myself so I enjoyed it just as much.

Maybe it’s not the fact that it wasn’t mutual it’s just that I like being talked to and complimented. I think that’s my number one and I get so scared to ask for it because I don’t like talking. I don’t want a dude to ask for it back so I don’t say anything……

So 2 things:

1) make them go slow and build up anticipation and adrenaline

2) make them talk to you


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