Trying to think positive

I’m sad. I really sad. I was looking forward to going to this party for about a month now. I redownloaded Snapchat just to talk to these girls, who seem hella fake to me now, to see if they wanna go just because A I need a ride and B I can’t go by myself.

I’m trying to just trust the plan but I’m really sad 😔😔😔😔😔😔 I was really looking forward to going and dancing all night long. At least I have my speakers fixed so I can at least dance in my room 🙄🙄 I just really don’t want to. I’m not in a good mood anymore so I can’t be productive and do my homework 🙄

All I gotta say is, my ex better come get me or something because or else all this free time is wasted. What am I supposed to do??? Am I being punished for breaking my streak??? (I made 5 1/2 weeks btw 😂)

Like bro I’m not doing anything tonight, don’t have work tomorrow… What’s the deal?


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