Why he text me :(

Well after about 3 days of debating whether or not I should text my ex and getting stressed out because I’m dealing with 4 men right now I decided that I’m just going to chill.

I love him to death but I wouldn’t feel right pursuing multiple people at a time when they’re thinking about long term relationships and possibly marriage with me. It’s like they know they want me and I’m over here finessing multiple men…… That was too much for me so I decided I wouldn’t initiate anything.

And then the man texted me!!!! I’m at work and see his name and I got soo excited 🙃🙃 Like I just read my other post talking about how I know we’re not meant to be and I can’t help it. The thought of being with him excites me.

And now idk what to do 😔 My brilliant plan not to initiate anything has now failed 🙄😥 The bus driver text me yesterday calling me bae… The Libra over here finding cars for me and now my baby texting me…. Lord help me cuz I’m lost.


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