Focus on yourself

I need you to remember that baby girl.

Every time I forget I end up getting mad at somebody.

I need to be over here reading and researching and planning how I’m going to change the world.

I need to be out here finessing men to get my paper.

I need to be studying to get a 4.0.

I need to be looking for my car so I can start going out dancing all night.

Fuck everybody. Fuck depending on people.

Stop waiting on somebody to come save you.

Save your damn self.

I want you to go out and live your life. I want you to create an amazing life to where people are begging to be included in it. And guess what? They won’t be.

Them hoes weren’t worried about you before so don’t pay them no mind. People don’t need an explanation. You know what the difference would be that if you cut someone off and they try to reach out to you to fix it then you should listen cuz they might be serious about fixing it. But as far as warning them beforehand, fuck that!


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