Get on your Cardi B

You need get your life to the point where you’re living so great (financially, status, & fun) that nobody is on your level. Your clothes game needs to come up, you need to get your car, your phone and your laptop. You gotta get to the point where you can buy whatever you want & bitch you wanted a name for yourself right? Well get to it!

You need to be making money moves! You got ambitions and dreams! Work on them hoes.

You need to wake up and go to sleep with your goals on your mind. And guess what? You so focused on yourself right? So anybody who’s in the way you just cut em off! No explanation necessary, fuck that. Anybody that’s not up to my standards (a nigga, a bitch, whoever) gets dismissed. If they wanna come ask why then yeah I’ll tell them and maybe give them a second chance but I’m not going to be worried about them or waiting on them to make the change. FUCK THAT! I’ll be too worried about my life and getting to where I want to go. I’m not giving you no warning beforehand but if I see you and I don’t speak that means I don’t fuck with you 😂

I don’t have time to explain to everybody the issues I have with them. I’m doing what I want and fuck your feelings!

People out having fun and you out getting paid! You need to be making so much money that you stay at the bank. You don’t need to ask no nigga for help or suggestions, you know what you need to do so do it!

Don’t worry about who don’t like you just keep doing what you do. Don’t worry about these fake hoes who claim to be your friend and don’t let what they doing affect you. You don’t got time to worry about anybody but yourself. You on a mission boo. No one can distract you or get in your way.

You want your life to be so fantabulous that people want to be you. You want to have such a nice place to live, wear such nice clothes, have such a fine ass man, travel so much, have so much fun, that people say your life is goals.

Everything you do, everyone you speak to should be adding to your life & fuck everything else! Idc if it’s emotionally, financially, if they provide good times, whatever. No one is allowed to just take up space and not be doing anything for you. You know how Cardi B do, she don’t fuck no nigga unless he can do something for her. She don’t do anything unless it’s going to benefit her and help her get to where she’s trying to go.

You want to be the best at what you do. You want to be known mother fucker. You tryna pay your momma bills so you gotta get to work hunny.

You don’t have time to play game with these hoes. You gotta stay focused and grind.


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