I love gender roles

Some girls be getting mad when a man ask them to cook for them and stuff like that but me I love gender roles. I love taking care of my man and giving him great food when he comes home.

When I say my man I’m really not just talking about a dude I’m fucking. I’m talking about any man in my life that I care about and looks out for me. That could be my dad, my brother, my boyfriend, a nigga who wants my pussy but also respects me, anyone. I want to take care of them.

Last night my brother asked me to cook for him so he could eat when he got home from work. I really didn’t feel like doing anything but mann once that food was prepared it made me feel so accomplished. Like I love the feeling of taking care of the men in my life. I legit want to cook for all of them.

I feel powerful and needed. Like if I don’t cook they’re not going to eat. I can’t have my men hungry so I gotta make them food. Of course ima have my days where my man cooks for me. And then lord knows I expect him to pay alllll the bills 😂

I just like gender roles, what can I say?


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