Multiple career options

So back I’m the day before I decide what path I wanted to take after I graduate I was looking at soo many options. Bro like I was just in school, taking classes with no idea what I wanted to do. I knew I needed to change my major and I figured why not try to determine my career path while I’m at it that way my new major can be pointing me in the right direction.

I took career placement tests, I did all kinds of research on the internet, I called everybody omg. People I’ve never met before in my life. And the end result of all that was I’m just going to pick the closest major to me that lined up with what I’ve been good at all my life and my favorite classes so far in college. I dropped the engineering and stuck with chemistry. Instead of worrying about what path I’d take in the future, I’d just take one day at a time. I chose a major that was easiest to switch to and I’ll figure the rest out later.

I was cool with that and then one day it just clicked in my brain. Omg I’m gonna teach. I’ll do teach for America, go teach some kids in the hood, get some loans paid off, be one of those cool teachers and get my counseling fix, get the same pay as a chemist && get summers and holidays off. What could be better than that??

The more I thought about it, the more I thought it was the perfect option. So I stuck with it. 

And thennn I’m looking for a job for the school year because I’m planning on getting a car so now I’ll have insurance bills to worry about every month 🙄🙄 plus I need to replenish my bank account after all this shmoney leaves 😥. So I’m looking for positions that pay good and won’t piss me off. This girl in my organization says there’s a tutoring position open for $12/hr. I’m like bet!!!!! That’s perfect. So I’m getting ready to apply for the job and I decide to be a good potential employer and do my research on the job I’m applying for to tailor my resume to what they’ll want oh my God I fell in love!!!!!

This place is literally doing everything I want to do!! I’ve always had this vision of an organization that will help kids academically, financially, socially all that. Build kids to be successful in life in all areas and that’s what they do. So I go to my lil interview and he’s saying that I’ll probably tutor Tuesday and Thursday and I can come to their board meetings on Fridays if I like. 


If that doesn’t sound like you might be able to get a job here after you graduate I don’t know what does. So now I’m like omg omg this is the perfect opportunity to just grow what someone else already has started and include my personal interest into their structure. They’re focused on the “talented” students 🙄🙄 I want to help the bad kids 😋

They already have grants in place so I don’t have to worry about trying to build the revenue. The whole reason I didn’t want to start it right from graduation, or right now even is because I know I got loans so I need a guaranteed income. But with these people now I have a guaranteed income so I don’t have to do teach for America in the middle. And depending on my position, I might still qualify for governmental loan forgiveness.

I haven’t started that job yet so I haven’t given it much thought yet but it’s definitely a decision I knew I’d need to make in the future.

So I had 2 options and thennnn my man call me talking about he got this idea for a clothing store 😐😐 like what??? Yess of course ima support you!! I’m watching these hoes on love and hiphop and they men be buying them porches to apologize and taking them on all these fancy dates and they can just hop on a plane whenever they want to wherever they want, they got these nicee houses, fucking drivers they have so much nice things. And I’m not hating on them at all, it’s literally just like oh ok that’s what I want. I see a visual perception of what I want. But this nigga over here driving a bus rn 🙄🙄🙄🙄 I’m not the type of girl to ditch a nigga just because he can’t buy my a palace. I’d love for him to be able to but if he can’t that’s alright. So yes I still want him but him making plans to get some shmoney? Bitch I’m all over that. Cuz when you get money, I win.

And of course he on this thing about how he don’t like people so he saying I’ll be his secretary 😊 I’ll talk to him and get his ideas and see what steps he wants to take then I’ll go out to the world and communicate it. Just like that, boom another source of income. And a kids clothing store?? How could it be any more perfect?

And now this woman is calling me and offering me a position to work with her. She’s saying it’ll be unpaid now but there’s money in the field and she’ll tell me everything I need to know to get my own clinic and get paid. I forgot I even called her and now here she is giving me another option after I graduate.

This one I’ll have to go to med school first but dangg I already got experience, who not gonna accept me??? I’ll be getting wayy more money as a doctor than as a teacher. Of course money isn’t my primary motivation but it definitely plays a factor. If it’s a question of me having 2 options that provide me a sense of satisfaction in my career and one makes more money then I’m choosing that one! Tf?

The only thing that throws me off is the fact that I’d have to take a couple extra undergrad classes and go to med school before I can start that. So it’s definitely not something I will do right away because I want my income first. Once these loans get paid off, I got my car, my apartment, my wardrobe and all that in order thenn I will start investing my time and money into new business ventures.

It’s kinda like my plan changed from let me start in a safe industry then move into my organization with kids. But no actually it’s I’m still starting in a safe industry and later I’ll have to figure out will I be a doctor or will I pursue my dream to be a career/relationship/life counselor and provide these kids in the hood with fun stuff to do and a place to learn things to be successful.

Now that I’m thinking about it. I can probably do both. I’ll start off with either teaching or the Pariss foundation. Then if I started with teaching move to the Parris foundation and help them branch off into what I’m interested in. Help them grow and expand, put the right people where they need to go then in the summer time or something go to med school. I’ve always said I didn’t care to be a teacher I just want to put in place and system where kids are actually learning & not only that but they’re learning things that will help them in life. As long as that is being done I can do something else.

I’m just so excited. God is good. Oh my God. I was worried about having a good job after I graduate that I’ll enjoy and feel is beneficial to the world and now I have 4 my nigga. Speaking of 4, I been over here craving a man for forever and now I got 4!!

My life is amazing right now and I couldn’t be happier 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊😊


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