Trying to release

It’s been 2 freaking weeks. That’s it. I thought it would have been at least 3 🙄🙄🙄 Lord Jesus my vagina is sad rn. And lonely 😦 She wants a visitor 😂

Shit everytime I wear a dress with no panties I want a nigga to lift it up and rub on my body. Like it’s all out so who gonna appreciate it????? 

I’m a fine ass bitch with no nigga. How does that happen? How does someone like me have to go so long with no penis? Oh I know why, cuz I’m picky af. When it comes to touching my vagina or seeing me naked I’m really and truly a slut. But as far as penetration and commitment I’m a freaking vault my nigga.

Sidenote: I keep catching these 11:11s and 1:11s and supposedly that’s a sign that my energy is right and everything is going good and it’s so annoying cuz it be times like this where I’m questioning the timing of things or I’m debating doing something I know I don’t need to be doing and then I’m reminded how much the universe looks out for me.

The universe honestly like that friend that got my back but be pissing me off and even when I’m pissed off she still got my back 🙄🙄🙄 like ughhhh you so annoying but I can’t deny what you do for me and how down you are for me so I gotta make you happy. I gotta put my feelings aside because you’re out working for me. What I look like being mad at somebody who stay looking out for me? 🤔 Or pissing somebody off who’s done so much for me? Why would I run that person away? Why would I do anything to mess up the relationship we have and the things she does for me bro. Like I be forgetting sometimes. How much I’m taken care of and I just want to do my own thing. Fuck what you say and I’m sorry. I think I’m definitely getting better. It’s a road to travel 


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