My first edible

I got high with this dude last night and he wasn’t ready 😂😂 I thought he would be chill with my high self but he was just looking at me like I was crazy. Mann I was so close to fucking around with him. I was in his bed so I guess he felt like […]

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Strip Club Dealers

I really want to tweet about going to this strip club and watching these dudes sell in my face but I’m scared I’ma go to jail. Like a cop gonna search keywords or certain words trigger a cop to know when someone’s talking about drugs. It’s like people who be on twitter know what to say […]

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Pretended to live there

I go out, end up calling this man I met at a club a couple weeks before because everything me and my friend had planned fell through. He takes us to this lame place so we leave. As we’re leaving he’s talking about my friend can go and I can stay with him and go […]

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Free lunch

I’m really still in a bad/depressed mood and not really caring what he has to say then he goes and asks if I want to get lunch and I’m like ooh lunch 😃

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Smoked with my uber driver

Well I went to this art event. I was trying to be around people I would want to be my potential friends. For the majority of the event I was standing by myself feeling awkward regretting my decision to come. Then I decided to take a deep breath and tune into my senses to find […]

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