This is what happens when you tip other mfs. You get what you give

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Sending love

Wow I just had the craziest experience. I mean I guess it’s not​ so crazy just a reminder of how my spirit knows things I don’t consciously know. So I’m on the train on the way to school to get my charger. This man gets in and tbh I thought he was high because he […]

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When it was raining

So this morning I was getting ready to head to my lab. I saw it was about to rain outside, I got an alert before I went to sleep to expect rain at 5am, the forecast had been saying it was going to rain on Tuesday for the longest. So basically, I knew it was […]

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Late homework

Soo I was finishing up my assignments, still catching up from last week when I was sick. It’s Friday when my report was due Tuesday. I already have 15 points off and if I don’t turn it in by 5 pm I get another 5 points off so my max grade would be an 80. […]

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My Protector

Just so I don’t forget the wonderful thing that happened to me yesterday. So last week when I was all sad and depressed, I couldn’t do any of my homework. I was really upset that each day I just wanted to lay in bed was 5 more points off from my assignments. I just wanted […]

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