What went wrong

How do you expect me to know that you’re not using gay meaning homosexuality when you never say ‘I’m not using gay meaning homosexuality’?

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I need to trust

He wants me to be so obedient to him that when he tells me to do something, my fears, my insecurities, my anxiety will all become obsolete and I’ll do what he says

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Calm tf down

My love, my dearest love. Just do it. Ok babe? Everything will work out. Do your best. The worst thing you can do right now is nothing. Every word you write, every number you calculate is a point. Get all the points you can and don’t worry about anything else. You’re beautiful. Your pictures will […]

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My spring break plans

Authentically I just want to be around positive energy, dance and have a good time. I want to spend time with people who love me. I want to feel a connection to other human beings. I want to vibe to music. I want the people around me to be vibing right along with me. I […]

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Should I skip class?

Am I actually about to skip class on the second ok maybe third week of school? Like my heart and soul do not want to leave my room and I feel like I might actually be productive if I stay here instead of going to listen to people talk. But then the rational part of […]

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Me calming myself

What do you want to do? Regardless of school and whatever assignments you have to do, what do you want to do? Umm cuddle up and cry lol Ok soo who are you gonna cuddle up with? Nobody. Ok cool so then what do you want to do? Eat. Alright so why aren’t you getting […]

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