Meagan thee Stallion

So wtf. I went to this concert. I was sure I’d have fun right. The bitch is lit. Her songs go hard. The only fucking problem, there was beaucoup opening acts!!!!!!!! It’d be bearable if they were actually good!!! But they weren’t 😥 Omg it was so frustrating. I was hungry, stomach hurting, back hurting, […]

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I don’t like my sister

Somebody please explain to me in what universe it’s ok to show up at someone’s house with the intention of staying the night without ever having mentioned that you want to stay the night …. Like sometimes I be feeling like it’s my responsibility to heal everybody in my family like wtf. Idk if I’m […]

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Do you listen to me?

I’m really astounded that I can ask you to explain yourself on multiple occasions, tell you that I’m a whole woman and yet you still are sticking to your assumption that I understand what you mean when you use the word gay….. But thenn when I go to twitter and am asking how can a […]

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My mother’s pain

Pain I feel my mother’s pain The pain when someone you love, someone you trust betrays you. I want to kill him I can never look at him the same I hate you. That’s my mother. That’s your sister. How dare you. I want you to die. How do you look her in the eyes […]

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