Daddy’s box

I just wonder like when is it my turn to talk about myself? I guess that’s not the box he’s supposed to be in. I guess this relationship is supposed to benefit him meanwhile teaching me how to be in a relationship and submit to a man and keeping me from being with some bum […]

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I need to trust

He wants me to be so obedient to him that when he tells me to do something, my fears, my insecurities, my anxiety will all become obsolete and I’ll do what he says

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Did I overreact?

I’m sitting here wondering did I overreact. I know a lot of people (especially men) would say that I did. But here’s the thing. You have to know who I am to understand why I did what I did. What happened was, I decided to give myself to this man right? He was supposed to […]

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He called me. Alex freaking called me. He wants to go to brunch. Idk why but that’s what he said. I want to go because it’s certain things I want to talk to him about. Certain things I want to open up to him about, but I don’t want to be disloyal. I’m so attracted […]

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I want to be controlled

What do I want? I want to fuck. I want to feel sexy and be exposed. Idk if I wanna do shit online for money cuz it’s gonna be ugly ass niggas looking at me and that’s not cute to me. I only want fine ass niggas or bitches seeing me. No ugly hoes. I’ma […]

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Daddy’s upset

I need advice. So I’m going to the person I know who gives the best advice: me. I met this guy and it was weird because he’s like an ultra Dom. Or so he says. He claims he’s really aggressive and shit but I haven’t seen it. Like I repeatedly tell him that I’m his […]

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