Spring break

My thoughts are going in circles. Cuz see, what happened was, I made plans for spring break. For the first time in my life. I was excited. I wanted to go on adventures, meet new people, make memories, create a legacy. Then shit happened. I’m like ok now I’m miserable. I’m failing tests (cuz I […]

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The argument in my head

Maybe you should have gotten a juicer? No I don’t have to do what everyone else is doing. You’re right. So what should you do? Idk man pray? Lol you don’t know how to fast. Chill, lol yes I do I just gotta stop looking outside of myself for the answers. Ok girl. No seriously, […]

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Figuring my feelings out

I want a conversation but who would I call? My family will drain me (even though I still might need to just suck it up and call them anyway). I feel like the bus driver is preoccupied… My love didn’t reply last time and idk I just feel like I’m always bothering him. OD haven’t […]

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Mr. Bus Driver

So I’m confused about what tf is going on which means you’re confused about what tf is going on. Which means that you’re a waste of time because my man will know he wants me. After a year and a half you’re still confused. No matter how long you take to develop feelings I’m pretty […]

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Get money

My sisters are home and I love them.. I think but I feel infringed upon. One of them comes upstairs and puts on my shoes like I don’t need them. She kinda asked but really just told me as she was doing it. You would think this is an isolated incident but no she does […]

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Irritated and confused with myself

When you’ve got such a great life. Great family, great friends, great grades, great things happening, going on adventures almost every weekend, got into a research group without even trying and I’m still searching for this friend/boyfriend. 😡 Why can’t I just be happy by myself????? Why must I desire companionship? Why are the people […]

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