My relationship wasn’t creepy

Just because you had some fucked up relationships with age gaps doesn’t mean my relationship with an age gap was fucked up as well

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Dumb ass ho

This stupid ass bitch. You started your relationship off on a lie so what else did you expect from him???? He can’t even be honest with you about his height so why would he be honest with you about anything??? And then you try to use my life and my decisions to justify yourself. No […]

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Welcome to dallas

I’m sooo upset right now. So fucking upset. I just spent $30 trying to get food. I try to order Uber eats and I’m thinking my order status is going to go down so like the last line is the most recent. But nooo these bitches wanna go fucking up. So I’m going to my […]

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Lame my ass

Bitch have the nerve to say the guys I know in Houston are lame. Bitch. You don’t even have a fucking job. You from a little country ass town where bitches fuck their cousins and friends’ parents. You sit online and talk to fucking children but these dudes who been there for me for years […]

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Bitches don’t listen

I just cannot believe this man wanna sit and tell me it’s best for me to go to sleep so I can wake up in the morning and study. I tell him it’s gonna take me hours to wake up and he act like I ain’t say nothing. I say are you going to make […]

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