Slut Walk

This shit so weird cuz like secularly I think a woman should have the freedom to do whatever she wants. Spiritually and health-wise I think it’s scary that women are with a bunch of different dudes. But of course who am I to judge? Cuz first of all I’m a slut. I’m kind of a […]

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Fake ass Dom

I just don’t understand because like what drew me to him????? Is it over?? Is that it?? Like when I met him, I was 100% sure I wanted to be his. No doubt in my mind. And now that I see what it entails and who he really is (a perverted old traumatized man and […]

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How do I get up for class????

Sitting here trying to figure out why I’m awake but not going to class …. You’re already up… You did the hardest part. Why don’t you just get out of bed??? I’m actually angry that I have to leave my warm comfortable bed to go into the cold elements of the world. I’m angry that […]

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Time management

They want you to spend 2-3 times the amount of your credit hours a week studying. If you’re taking 17 hours that’s 34-51 hours of studying + the 17 hours you’re in class. 3 of your classes are labs so +5 hours cuz the credit you earn isn’t the amount of time you’re in class. […]

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My school situation

The day is Thursday, March 29th. It’s 11:12pm. This is the second day I’ve gone without 11:11 or 1:11. I see 11:11 when I’m driving high as shit. So why not now when I’m sitting in class? What do you want me to be doing rn? Paying attention? Lol nah. You know that’s not happening […]

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